This website list & review sites/apps related with Anime/Manga culture. Main goal :
- Provide up to date & reliable list of the best Anime/Manga websites.
- Helping people to easily navigate among many website options.
- Community focused toplist, feedback will play important part for shaping the list.
- Simple & easy to use, straight to the point focus on listing websites and it's reviews.

Rank Criteria

Rank criteria are different for each category, but generally based on these things :
- How popular & how long track record the site is. (Very important)
- How big the size of its contents library. (Very important)
- How reliable is the service. (Important)
- How good the quality of the contents. (Important)
- How good the user interface & usability. (Important)
- How many features / options are available on the site. (Less important)
- How great community interaction on the site. (Less important)
- How clean the site from ads. (Less important)*
*Bad ads will displayed as negative point, but rank only slightly affected.

Site Requirements

Site requirement to enter the toplist are different on each category, but generally are :
- Appropriate with the category and about Anime/Manga culture.
- Site working as intended (not empty, inaccessible, down, or broken).
- Must at least bring some value for people (spammy low effort website won't be included).
- Not deceptive or malicious.
- English content (A bit loosely since this is just because we aren't yet able to moderate other languages)

Tags Guide

- GOGO : Streaming site that entierly depend on gogoanime by only proxy their video
- MULT : Streaming site that scrap multiple other streaming sites
- DONGHUA : Site that only provide Donghua (Chinese animation)
- MANHWA : Site that only provide Manhwa (Korean comic)
- MTL : Site that only provide Machine Translation content
- SCAN : Scanlator websites
- IOS : App that only work for iOS
- DESKTOP : App that only work for Desktop
- DDL : Site that provide HTTP Download
- XDCC : Site that provide command for XDCC download (?)
- torrent : Sites that provide torrent download


The toplist are informational, NOT an endorsement. We do websites review / listing, information are based on community feedback & personal testing. While we filter out bad data, there is still a possibility of mistake, inaccuracy, or site changed it's content before we have time to detect & update the list. If you found problematic site/app or an information error please send us a report. Site with bad ads are NOT excluded from the list, you still need to be careful with misleading ads yourself or install an adblocker extension. We assume no liability or responsibility for any issue regarding the use of third party sites we review.


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Still in Development

This website is still in development. List & ranks may change quite often as we improve them from community feedback.
Site features are also incomplete and still in development...
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